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Safety, Expert Advice, Fast Response, Strictly Confidential

Put my 40+ years of civil and defense industry experience to work for you. I can help solve your problems in the areas of:

  • Safety analysis/risk reduction
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • Acquisition candidate evaluation and valuation analysis
  • Market evaluations
  • Capture planning and proposal writing
  • Conceptual plant design
  • Work cell design and touch labor estimates
  • Capital investment and recurring cost estimates
  • Process and equipment engineering
  • Manufacturing cost reduction
  • Manufacturing and supplier quality improvements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Energetics system design in the following areas:

    • Detonator and pyrotechnic delay fuze manufacturing
    • Detonating cord manufacturing - wet and dry processes
    • TNT-based melt pour operations for boosters and ordnance
    • Emulsion and ammonium nitrate based explosives.
    • Shock tube extrusion
    • Continuous and batch nitration processes
    • Explosive recrystallization continuous and batch processes including superfine and ultrafine grades
    • Single, double and triple base propellant manufacturing by solvent and solventless processes.
    • Mix cast propellants and explosives
    • Extruded plastic bonded explosives
    • Linear shaped charges, confined detonating fuse
    • FEM/Jet Milled explosives
    • Fuzes
    • Lead azide, DDNP, and DXN-1 manufacturing
    • Explosive lacquers and pastes
    • Boosters
    • Explosive pressing and machining
    • Conical and linear shaped charges, EFPs and blast/frag warheads
    • Explosives demil, equipment decontamination, equipment disassembly, building incineration
    • Explosives coating and phlegmatizing
    • Explosive reactive armor
    • Oil well completion explosives
    • Rocket motor insulation and lining
    • Rocket motor propellant casting, extrusion, processing, interior ballistic modeling and testing
    • Rocket Load Assemble Pack
    • Explosive process equipment design
    • Design of structures to resist blast effects
    • Explosive plant design and construction management
    • Solvent recovery
    • Spent acid recovery
    • Treatment and permitting of explosives waste waters
    • Air permitting
    • Site remediation
    • Solid and Hazardous waste management
    • US Department of Transportation hazard classification and packaging design
    • EMI and ESD hazard assessment
    • Explosive signature analysis and forensic work
    • Testing
    • Process safety hazard analysis and Kaizen events
    • Regulatory compliance, including RCRA, state air and water regulations, US State Department ITAR regulations, US DOD Security Classification regulations, US DOT, DDESB compliance and others

Put my experience working in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe to work for you! Contact me by phone or email today.

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